Dr Peter Ring – Teaching in China

Dr. Peter Ring returned to China again in July 2017 to do another three days teaching in a peripheral Chinese hospital.

Lifeline Express is a voluntary organisation, based in China, that for the past 20 years has been furthering the clinical knowledge and surgical experience of Chinese ophthalmologists. They have four trains that go around the country, undertaking mobile cataract surgery and in recent years, have sent pairs of ophthalmologists from many different countries to different Chinese cities.

Last year Dr. Ring went to Luohe City, Henan province with a British ophthalmologist. This year he went to Baise Cataract Centre, Guangxi province in Southern China with a Hong Kong colleague.

The format is similar. A day is spent giving translated lectures to about a 100 local and nearby ophthalmologists and two days are spent seeing patients in clinics and advising in surgery. The doctors are keen to learn and Dr Ring has given books and