Dr Shira Sheen

Cataract and Anterior Segment Surgeon

Dr Shira Sheen

Cataract and Anterior Segment Surgeon

“I envision better sight for the people of Hawke’s Bay”

– Dr Shira Sheen

Dr Shira Sheen’s professional background

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After graduating from medical school in 2007, Shira completed Ophthalmology training in Israel, under the supervision of world known Ophthalmologist, Professor Ehud Assia.

She undertook sub-specialty Clinical Fellow in complex cataract and refractive surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide, Australia under the guidance of Professor Michael Goggin. It was here that she gained a vast amount of surgical experience with premium intraocular lenses and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals.

  • MD with excellence (Semmelweis University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Ophthalmology
  • Clinical Fellowship in Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Adelaide South Australia


  • The use of small, sutureless incision techniques to result in shorter recovery periods
  • Specialised lens implants for the correction of spectacle prescriptions, including astigmatism, during treatment of cataracts to allow increased independence from glasses post-surgically
  • Options to further reduce spectacle dependency for distance as well as reading vision with the use of premium lens implants including multifocal and extended depth of focus lens implants, or a blended vision approach
  • Specialist in complicated and complex cataract surgeries (small pupil, pseudoexfoliation, etc)

Ocular surface procedures: 

  • Pterygium removal surgery with use of fibrin glue to result in a suture-free procedure and an excellent cosmetic outcome
  • Removal and treatment of recurrent pterygia with use of antimetabolites to significantly reduce risk of further recurrence

Ocular trauma

  • Urgent eye care and treatment of trauma to the eye
  • Treatment of lacerations and injuries of the cornea
Shira loves spending time with her three children. They enjoy exploring New Zealand and seeing as much of the country as they can in their spare time. She also loves upcycling old furniture.


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