The Visionaries 

Launched on 22nd May 2018, the Eye Institute Community Trust has been formed by the surgeons at Eye Institute who are dedicated to giving back to the community.

For many years the team at Eye Institute have been offering pro bono services under the radar across Australasia, the Pacific Islands and beyond. The formation of the Eye Institute Community Trust formalises their longstanding and ongoing commitment to sharing their skills with those who need them most, but for whatever reason are unable to access optimum eye care.



Our Mission

One group that falls through the cracks the most is children, and that is where our first pursuit begins.

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye - is a vision development disorder that begins during infancy or early childhood. Left untreated, lazy eye can cause serious visual impairments to the affected eye and could even result in blindness.

We know that there is a group of families that do not qualify for the government subsidy, but the cost of glasses is still a significant financial burden to bear. Which is why, over the next 12 months, we aim to identify children with the greatest risk of permanent vision impairment due to Amblyopia living in Auckland, and fund 400 eye examinations with a subsidy towards glasses of up to $250 a pair.

Once the 400 subsidies are distributed, the Trust will review the programme to see if more funding is required. It is anticipated that if the program is successful then it will hopefully roll out nationally.

We look forward to working with families, teachers and optometrists in helping improve the lives of many young children.




Please download and review the criteria form below to ensure a child is eligible for funding

For us to determine the eligibility of a child to receive funding, an optometrist will also need to fill out the referral  form below confirming the criteria has been met.

If you are a parent or teacher, you can send these forms to any Auckland optometrist for an assessment.



Referral Form


Please email any reports, forms and requests to


Once the subsidy has been approved.  we will pay the optometrist directly.If you know of a child who does not live in Auckland but is still significantly hindered by Amblyopia, please still send through a report – these cases will be reviewed for funding, on an individual basis by the board.




The Trust’s Board is chaired by Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer and Dr Shanu Subbiah.

Eye Institute doctors who contribute to Trust activities are: Dr William Cunningham, Dr Simon Dean, Dr Narme Deva, Dr Peter Hadden, Dr Ben LaHood, Dr Nick Mantell, Professor Charles McGhee, Dr Jay Meyer, Dr Graham Reeves, Dr Peter Ring and Dr Adam Watson.