Why Eye Institute 

We are committed to providing you with a truly outstanding experience at every step of your vision journey. Our gifted specialists and advanced technologies make the incredible, life-changing gift of improved eyesight an everyday reality. Our mission is to ensure that while we work with you, you will have outstanding experiences all the way.

We work to make a real difference to people's quality of life, to support their freedom and independence by making their vision as good as it can possibly be.

It's the human side we bring to the mix that makes what we do so special. People feel a huge level of vulnerability about their eyes, so safety and trust is crucial. We literally built our practice around what people need most for a complete experience of outstanding care.

We pride ourselves on being the leading specialists in advanced technologies across numerous vision correction procedures, and with 25 years industry leading experience you can feel safe and assured that you are in the very best possible hands. Eye Institute are extremely fortunate to house 15 world class surgeons in our state of the art, purpose built facility. Our surgeons are invited to present on the latest techniques and advancements in ophthalmic treatment at events not only around New Zealand, but around the world.

Eye Institute are an affiliated health insurance provider of Southern Cross Health Society and nib Health Cover and we are ACC accredited.  

We embrace diversity: our people come from all corners of the globe, different walks of life and speak more than 15 languages. We recognise the value that an inclusive workforce brings to the way we work and we welcome people from all cultural backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and religions to join our team

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