Water well in Cambodia

Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer has had a water well installed in a much needed location in Cambodia in her honour, as a thank you from a patient.

John Tan has been receiving medical eye treatment from Prof Helen since Sept 2015, allowing him to continue his great charity work. In return for the excellent care he has received from Helen, John has decided to attribute one of his recent water wells to Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer directly.
John has been raising money and installing hand pump wells in Cambodia for a number of years (going to Cambodia twice a year since 1996) as well as bringing medical doctors into the villages to give medical aid to the people in some of the poorest villages in that country, free of charge.

John says, “Our goal is to install 1,000 of these wells in the next 10 years – in the last seven years we have installed nearly 450 of them. I am happy to have added one more recently… (in Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer’s name)”.

This new water well is now bringing clean water to about 6 families that live close to each other. Prior to the installation of the well, the villagers had been relying on rain and pond water and this well is a huge improvement and convenience to them.

Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer was touched and humbled by the gesture.